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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Con-Artist

This morning as Angela and I were walking out the door to drop her off at school, she asked, "Today's Thursday, right?"

"Yep. It's Thursday."

"Bruegers Bagels today. We're walking there."

"You are? I thought  you did that a few weeks ago. Hmm..Maybe not. Maybe I just remember signing the permission slip."

Half way to school, "I need money. For Bagels. I need money for BRUEGGERS Bagels."

As we pulled up in front of school I reached into my purse and found some cash, which she quickly stuck into her jacket pocket. She gave me a kiss goodbye and reached for the door handle.

"Hang on a sec. Let me just check with your teacher." I started to get out of the car and realized that today I was THAT MOM. The mom who drives to school in her pajamas. Now I have seen a mom or two inside school wearing what look an awful lot like pajamas. Only theirs matched. Not only did mine not match, but they had holes in them, some of those holes in really bad places!

I grabbed my cell phone and called her teacher quick. Angela only heard my end of the conversation, so the only thing she got was, "Oh, they're not walking to Brueggers Bagels?"  I got off the phone and held out my hand. Angela pulled the money out of her pocket and placed it in my hand. "Sorry mom." She said.

That little stinker! She knew exactly what she was doing and was just hoping she'd get away with it. Such a typical teenager.

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