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Friday, April 16, 2010


Ok, we're frantically looking at our flight options, while our travel agent sleeps in the U.S. This is kind of along the lines of self-diagnosing a medical condition on your way to the doctor's office.

We're looking at Japan. Many flights are being rerouted there. Then we'd fly into the US via California. In other words, we would be flying ALL THE WAY AROUND THE WORLD!!!! Not that we care, I'm just say'in.....

So we're looking at articles on various news sites that read, basically, "Depending upon which way the wind blows, flights to Asia will be affected as well."


Or, since Shelley is a military wife, we could find a way to get to some other country and catch a military flight. I say this as we look at a room full of items to be distributed to families, that we need to pack up and get ready to distribute in a way that Shelley and I don't necessarily need to participate in case we can get on a flight earlier than expected.

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Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

Oh my goodness, Leah!! Go meet the families!! When I read that every hair stood up on my arms... I could be wrong but I wonder if that isn't something of why you are stranded... there might be a family you NEED to meet! :)

Or I'm just reading too much into it lol! Anyway, like the new header!