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Monday, April 19, 2010

Some progress made

We are just back from the U.S. embassy (who, by the way, says we are the only Americans here in Bulgaria in this situation. GO FIGURE!) Anyway we found a very helpful counselor who is not happy with what we were told this morning.

What is in the works now: She is contacting the defense liason person, to see about getting us to Germany to the large military instillation. Thankfully I'm with Shelley who is a military wife! From there they will get us home.

Just a few minutes ago we saw a military plane. We're waiting for a phone call. If we can't get on some type of flight or ground transport, they will give us humanitarian priority on a train to Germany.

We STILL need publicity to get us across the atlantic, and all the way to our homes. (Shelley in AL, and me in MN.) There is a chance we will need to pay for new flights from Germany, if so, they are incredibly expensive and neither of us are prepared to pay that kind of money. It will be around $5K for Shelley and Kullen, and around $2500 for me.

That's where we stand right now. Internet at our hotel is still down so we've walked a few blocks away to another hotel to use theirs.


Michelle said...

working on it Leah. Our local news is calling Robert. Hope they can help.

Anonymous said...


With all the people you know it seems like we could set up some kind of bucket brigade to move you across the country and home. Or we could raise the money for you to pay for a flight.

Glad to hear you're finally talking to the right person at the embassy and something is happening.

KimL said...

I'm waiting to hear back from CNN & Fox. Hoping that someone will be able to help you soon!