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Saturday, April 17, 2010

We are here indefinetly

I cannot even explain to you how we are feeling right now. We are stuck here in Bulgaria indefinitely. We have very few options that are safe to do with a child. The news here is advising everyone wanting to get to the U.S. to reroute via Isreal or Asia. Umm...yeah...anyone have the $5,000 needed to do that?

Speaking of money, the hotel is not cheap. But is one of the few places to stay in Bulgaria where they at least speak some English, and are very friendly and helpful. We have been advised to stay put, and register with the US embassy in the morning.

We are currently booked on new flights for Weds, however, those flights will eventually be cancelled. The ash cloud is growing, and moving west towards the ocean we need to fly over, and south toward Sofia where we are. Sofia sits in a valley, and the news said the cloud will sit here "for quite some time". Oh, and the air quality will drop so we'll be stuck INSIDE the hotel.

Have I mentioned we have a small child with us? A newly adopted orphan who is beginning to get comfortable with the two strange women he's living with (and as far as he knows, this is where he will live out the rest of his life! We have no way to tell him otherwise!) and as tension in the room rises, so do his behaviors.

Please pray for us. For our finances. For our patience. For the volcano stop all it's activity. For our husbands who are stuck at home with our children and having to juggle everything. For Dean this means he cannot go to work, or has to drastically adjust his schedule to acommodate having Angela there, and his employer is running out of patience. In the meantime, Angela cannot handle getting bounced around back and forth between her dads and Dean and school. Oh, and of course I'm missing ALL my final exams, and will have to take incompletes until I can get back and get this mess sorted out.

The EARLIEST I will make it home is next week on Friday, and that is a "best case scenario", assuming the volcano stops all activity.

As I mentioned above, tension is running high here. Shelley wants to get home with her son (who is sick, by the way!) and I have my own things. None more important than the other, just two very separate sets of needs.


Tamara said...

Prayers, Leah - it's an incredible situation - don't know what else to say ---

Karien Prinlsoo said...

I'm praying for you both. Is there anything else that we can do to help?