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Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's this thing?

Question for Korean travelers: What are the "etiquette bells" located in the women's bathroom stalls? HUH? HUH??? What will happen if I push it? I...really... wanna push it. Shelley says she needs some entertainment and is daring me to push it.

Also, anyone have a private jet? Shelley and Kullen are probably going to miss their connecting flight!


Adelaide Dupont said...

They might be used for emergencies, like the communication cord.

Adelaide Dupont said...

PS: if you really don't want to hear your famine and feasts, you turn the bells on.

Many East Asian (Korean, Japanese) women do this, as shown here:

Buddha and Etiquette Bells

Weddings and a Love Motel

The bells in the latter played birds and rainforests and things like that.

MarySC said...

The etiquette bell plays music or the sound of running water to drown out embarrassing bathroom noises!! Too funny.

Sorry, no help with the jet!!!!

P said...

Well the "she bins" in the Durban, South Africa were for what it sounds like they were for but let's hope the signs are changed before the World Cup. It's a bit much, no? But if we have iPADs...

Sick just a sickening name! But you are seeing humor, a good sign. Keep trying, we are praying and searching for jets?!??? Keep your spirits light, lots of food, stay hydrated and good movies & calm babies and peace for angels rescuing these sweet souls.

Always and everywhere, you bring sunshine with you and from within from now on. To light the path for all of us to follow you.

justdreamin8 said...

I looked it up and apparently an "Etiquette bell" is to be used to cover up any unpleasant/embarrassing bathroom noises that you might be making. It supposedly will make a flushing toilet sound so people will think you're flushing instead other deeds.

Kathie Brinkman said...

I just googled the phrase "etiquette bell" and an article says that it is a button to push to cover up your farting sounds. In the Seoul airport it sounds like a toilet flushing. In other public facilities it could be music or violins. Go figure. Maybe I should get one for our home for Katie?

P said...

LOVE THAT, so funny. We need these. Why has this ball not been seen in some comedy movie somewhere, that is how we learn culture over here huh!???