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Friday, April 16, 2010


Shelley and I are going to drive to Italy, where we can catch a flight from Milan to Rome, then to Atlanta.

Oh yeah, we can't read the road signs to get out of Sophia! Have you SEEN the streets of Sophia!

Oh, and you have to pass a TEST to drive in Europe.

Ok, so it was a good idea with a few flaws.


Christina M said...

Are you driving through Graz, Austria?
I am Prince Vince mom and I read your blog all the time :)

Let me know if you are passing by, you could stay with us for a night if you want too?

Best wishes fr Graz

(email me if you want too

Christina M said...
That is the blog address :)

Tom P. said...

So how about a train to Italy?

Sheila said...

Take the train!