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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just so you know...

I have a new post over on our adoption blog!


Funniest Email EVER!

Today I got the funniest email EVER! Now this is either an interesting way to get illegal aliens to tell they're here, or the best phishing scheme ever. Somehow I don't think the Dept. of State is going to be using an email address from MSN! LOL Besides, I'm already IN the U.S. I sure don't need the free airline ticket to get here. I'd sure like to talk to Mr. Green Johnson or Fatima Luwis at the "Ken Tucky" Embassy.

The Official U.S Green Card Lottery Program
United States Department of State, National Visa Center  
65 Rochester Ave. ( Portsmouth. NH 03801-2909)
Case File  Number:  WAC-475-678-4736
Preferences Categories:  DV DIVERSITY
Foreign State Chargeability: Asia-Pacific

You have been selected among the lucky winners of the U.S. Green
Card in the (DV- Program) for the fiscal year-2011. Winners were selected at random
via-computer-draw system of e-mail extractions. Notification is through the selected
 e-mail addresses (undisclosed).
The filing of  immigrant visa petition is the initial-step required to receive the green
Card,The visa will permit you to travel to the U.S. to receive your green card.

5.7 Million e-mail were randomly extracted ,the email addresses were assigned to different Ticket-numbers for representation for final selection,and your e-mail address attach to ticket number #876512 drew the number that won you the green card.

Approximately 988 winners have been notified through their e-mail addresses including you today Wednesday 28, September 2011.  
Please complete and return form DS-38 for yourself and all accompanying family
members for the filing of your immigrant visa petition at the National Visa center
for the processing of your visa and scheduling of your visa interview appointment at
the U.S. Embassy nearest to you for the issuance of your visa.
The winner's files have been dispatched to the U.S. immigration offices in the six
geographical regions for the immigrant-visa issuance application guidelines. Your file
was among those submitted at the U.S. immigration office in the (Asia-Pacific) region
as indicated. Therefore, to receive the above-mentioned form, please contact  Asia Pacific office With below e-mail address or telephone number.

Contact person: Mr Green Johnson
Address:120-122 Wireless Road Bangkok Thailand,
Tel:+ 66-853-193-422 or + 66-850-227-510
You need to complete the paper works quickly to enhance your chances of early visa
Issuance. Selected winners and accompanying-family members who do not receive visasby December 30, 2011 will derive no further-benefits from-their green card winning status.
The Diversity Lottery immigrant visa (IV) application fee for each applicant payable to the US Embassy who processes the visas on  your Visa interview day,Visa fee is $400. For non immigrant visa application fee increase, click here> Page 1 of 1 Application Fees for Non-Immigrant Visas to Increase ...
Do not reply back to this notification e-mail contact our Asia Pacific office with the above contact details, 

Please retain this letter for further correspondences.
Sincerely          ,
Mrs  Fatima Luwis,
Secretary General US Consulate Ken Tucky