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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Last night we slept in beds of the private home of the Assistant Defense Attache Randy Glover. What a wonderful family he has.
Apparently Shelley and I really needed the rest, because we slept 10 hours!

This morning we'll make another trip to the embassy to pay for the tickets from Sofia to Seoul they've arranged for us. Once that's done we will feel even better! Then all that's left is payment for the tickets from Seoul to home.

I'm sure I'll be exhausted once I get home. It will be 48 hours of travel-all the way around the world-yet I'll arrive in Minneapolis just a couple hours later on the very same day.

I haven't been in a war zone, or suffering the after affects of an earthquake. I've had food, shelter, a hot shower and beds. This experience has given me a whole different perspective on things. Yet, even under the good conditions I was in, the uncertainly that comes with with not knowing what tomorrow brings, , has been enough to make my hair fall out. Literally. I cannot wait to see my family again.

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Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

:) Leah, I guess I'll stop planning on seeing you three in London lol! I'm THRILLED at how things are turning out and I just think what you two have done and it is just the beginning and I'm so proud of you!

Still praying...
William, Lu & Eden