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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

School clothes

I don't know why it is, but Angela only likes boy clothes. Unfortunately for her boy jeans don't come with room in the hips and seat that she needs. But shirts? Forget pretty girl shirts. No, this girl wants boy rugby shirts (its all about the stripes) and is usually found wearing Axel or Abel's t-shirts instead of taking one from the stack of t-shirts on her own shelf. And baseball caps. ugh! They do a number on her hair, that's for sure. It never fails that I'm rounding up everyone to leave the house when Angela comes around the corner with a baseball cap on that 1) I'm not going to get her to leave behind and 2) If I do get her to take it off her hair is a rats nest underneath with a serious case of hat head that I swear happens just seconds after donning said hat.

Another thing about Angela is she never ever ever ever ever ever ever stops talking. She even talks in her sleep. Non-stop talking, which is her form of verbal stimming, combined with looking through the Lands End catalog that just arrived could seriously drive me to drink something besides hard apple cider.

This is happening now, as I type: (grammatical errors made to match Angela's speech)

3:09 "Mom, I want this shark shirt. Its cool. And this blue shorts. Ok?"
 (walks back to island with the catalog)

3:11 "And this shirt with stripes. Oh yeah! I need this backpack. Great idea! My favorite. I get two backpacks. Yes two. I get one backpack for me. Only one.
(Back to island)

3:12 pointing to shirts "I need hockey. And basketball. I get hockey Or basketball. I get should I get? I love basketball. I love hockey. Or soccer! I love soccer mom! Mom guess what? I can do soccer, hockey and basketball. I choose? Hmmm I choose...I choose floor hockey. And one backpack. Yeah, I love basketball backpacks. With soccer ball in it.

3:17 Mom. Mom. Guess what!  I choose this one. Basketball. I'm showing you. Look. See? I choose basketball backpack. YES!!!! I'm getting it. I love basketball. Basketball it is. Hey Christina! (I have no idea who Christina is but she is apparently in the same room as us) I'm getting a basketball. backpack with striped shirt. Yes. Yes I know. Its so cool right Christina? Mom, Christina wants a hockey backpack. Yay!! Christina! You getting one too!