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Monday, April 05, 2010

Love my Chai!

Ok, so this flight to Chicago was a little freaky! When we were boarding the plane, there were horrible noises coming from underneath. Seriously, it sounded like they were rebuilding the thing!

Once we were all seated, and the jetway pulled away, the pilot came on and said there were "maintenance issues" and we'd be taking of sometime in the next 1/2 hr or so.  The noises continued, and worker guys were in and out of the cockpit several times while the pilot stood near the bulkhead. Several people near me asked if they could get off the plane, that the didn't feel comfortable flying on it, but were told the jetway had already pulled away. That if the plane wasn't safe, they'd get another one.

Finally the noises stopped, the cockpit was closed, and we pulled away from the concourse, but only about 50 ft. We sat there for about 10 minutes while the pilot messed with the wing flaps. Talk about unnerving! The pilot came on and said we were running a little bit behind schedule but he should be able to make up time. (How do you do THAT?) Finally we took off, and I fell sound asleep until the flight attendants were right next to me with the beverage cart. By this time we were starting our descent, but we descended REALLY FAST! One of the flight attendants commented, "I guess that's one way to make up time!" I watched their faces, and they didn't seem too concerned, so I fell back to sleep until we were almost on the ground. I was really glad when we finally touched down.

On a good note, I didn't have even a hint of ear pain during the decent! PRAISE GOD! The new tubes I had put in my ears last week are doing what they're supposed to do. I don't know that I've ever flown without severe ear pain before, so this was a welcome treat.

I've just finished a vinte chai (with an extra pump of Chai, thank you very much!) and a muffin and am waiting for my next flight to DC where I'll meet up with Shelley!


Yo Mamma Mamma! said...

BTDT and didn't like it very much.

With all the flights you have coming up, from what I've been told depending on where the pilots trained and worked they fly differently - so people who worked on a lot of Navy carrier ships tend to go up and down very quickly. Always something I remind myself of when I'm flying! (Oh, and certain city's are the same way, though not Chicago...) I'm assuming it was O'Hare, which is just about the worst airport for taxi before take off, lol.

Safe travels - can't wait to hear and see everything you are doing!

James said...

Thank you for your blog site. sounds like the airplane got you there.

Best wishes and see you later.

James (Jim) Redfield