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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Today our boy, our little boy, turned 17. I can't even believe that 7 years ago I had just learned about him. That tiny little boy. Now he's all grown up! He's even shaving. Lord help me!

Today cannot pass without acknowledging the most important people. Axel has two families in Serbia: His birth family, who love him very much. They love him so much they let him go to the other side of the world to have a life he would not otherwise have. His mother, his father, and his brother. They are reading this post (and I know they've been waiting all day for pictures!) To them we are so thankful! We look forward to the day we can bring Axel back to Serbia for another visit.

Then there is his foster family, who cared for him for three years. They have a very difficult job, getting kids out of the institution, then preparing them to live in families. They soon make room for the next foster child. Thank you!! Several of their foster children who have Down syndrome are now in the US, living with families.

When I asked Axel what kind of cake he wanted, he requested  "Blue cake Mom." All of you reading know I am not the greatest cook, but those bakers at HyVee? They do not disappoint! I found a blue cake!

Our friends the Stumbo's joined us for Axel's big day.

All our kids love birthdays (some just because there is cake!) But Angela and Axel have a special bond. They are true brother and sister, but also best friends.  Here we're all signing and singing "Happy Birthday." 

17 candles is a lot of candles to blow out! 

Angela had a special gift for Axel. She prepared it just for him. Maybe you recognize it?