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Monday, April 26, 2010

The little girl

When we were in the airport in Seoul, Korea, Kullen and I were sitting on a low ledge at the windows so he would watch the airplanes and I could watch the people. So along comes this little Korean girl about 2 1/2 - 3 years old. She plopped herself down on the ledge between Kullen and I, and gradually made her way closer to me. I had to stop her from actually crawling INTO my lap, for fear I'd have a very angry Korean mother to deal with! I looked around and finally realized she was with "the mom" we were annoyed with. The one who also had an 18 month old with squeaker shoes running all over over place. She never looked to see where her older child was, so she didn't see that her daughter wanted to come home with me. LOL

I told Shelley I was going to sneak pictures of her, because she was flat out adorable. She had these little cards in her hand, and she would lay them out on the ledge, then tap my shoulder and point to them, making sure that I actually LOOKED at them, and when I did turn away she put her little hand on my cheek to turn my head back.

When I opened my computer, she got behind me and like she was going to climb on my back, leaning way over my shoulder to see what I was doing on the computer. Then came her sneaky little fingers to try pushing the keys. LOL I took out my camera and she got very excited, only she didn't want to get in FRONT of it. She wanted to be behind it to push the button. I know, because she kept trying to move my fingers out of the way so SHE could push it. Finally she got busy playing with Kullen so I could snap a couple of quick pics. Is she adorable or what? I'm sure she wanted to come home with me. Oh, and she spoke English too! She started with counting her cards, all the way up to 10, then Kullen did something funny and she let out an, "Oh my God!"


P said...

This child is an OLDER child not being watched!? What is she FOUR!??? She looks exactly like my four year old if we go by outfits.

P said...

Maybe delete that last picture...