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Monday, April 19, 2010

Clarification and an update

Ok, to answer a lot of questions from everyone: Yes, we are adopting. No, I cannot tell you "M's" name at this point, and really not until we're very nearly done with the process. Really, I can't say anything more about the adoption than that, because we can't legally commit to her until I can get home and we can get paperwork moving. There are a LOT of steps involved!

This morning was Shelley's turn to go to the airport. (Kullen and I stayed at the hotel so he could sleep.) The airline was of absolutely not one ounce of use to us! Lufthansa said the entire airport of Sofia has nothing going east, but on the way out the door Shelley saw a brochure, and stopped at another counter. (Austrian Air I think?) Who said they had a flight leaving at 10:00 for Turkey, sold out of course.

Oh, and on the way back to the hotel she had the same scam artist cab driver! (that's another blog post all drivers.) It costs us about $40 per day all this stupid running back and forth to the airport. Not to mention the hotel. We checked into a hotel closer to the airport but they're even more expensive.

We do have UNCONFIRMED flights for tomorrow. Shelley at 6:30 a.m. and me later in the day, but if Lufthansa isn't flying (and right now they're saying they won't be.) that does us not one bit of good. Our travel agency isn't able to access up to date information, mostly because it seems even the people right here working in the mess don't know what's going on! We'll be calling the Embassy again in a few hours, but going to TRY to get to sleep.

Reporting from Bulgaria, one sleep deprived mom running on less than fumes. Needing to get home. Missing my family, and hoping Dean can get back to work soon without too many transitions for Angela. Check back later for my segment on the Sofia taxi industry.


Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

Just saw you on-line! Here is the link, maybe you already have it. Hang in there friend, lots of prayers, this just sucks! I KNOW too well how you feel. I only had 2 days stuck in the airport, but I remember! Maybe this time I will be the one taking pictures of your family being reunited again!

Solveig said...

Thinking of you!!! Hope you get home soon. Oh, and congrats on adopting!!! So excited for ya, if I could get my hunny to agree, we'd be too... ;)

JennyH said...

Congrats! Were you able to be there on M's b-day. I saw it wasn't long ago. She is still on RR.

I am so happy for M and for you guys.