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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Almost Done

When Shelley and I came on this trip, you may recall we were carrying A LOT of luggage. We'd each shipped two boxes of supplies a week ahead of us, plus two 50 pound suitcases each, which were full of additional therapy supplies and developmental toys for the families we're supporting here. The only clothes we packed were what could fit in a carry-on bag! In the picture below, the small, light green bag on the right is my carry-on, and the small dark green one on the left is Shelley's. The black backpack was my "purse" which held my camera, computer, important documents-and my math homework. LOL All the rest of the bags are full of stuff for the families and one orphanage in Sofia! Oh, and the big light green bags? They come up past my waist.

So, for three weeks, we've been living in those clothes. A couple of times we've hand washed things in a hotel bathtub and hung them to dry, but I'm pretty sure my washing skills are not well developed.

Tomorrow is our last full day here. In honor of that, I'm going to put on make up! FOR REAL! And, since we were able to do laundry today I will also be wearing clean clothes. What a day it will be!


Adelaide Dupont said...

Have a great time putting on that make-up.

You have so earnt it!

JennyH said...

You are so awesome Leah!