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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Up to $8000

The price gouging going on here is insane! The US Embassy is working on getting us to Italy, and the Embassy travel agent to get us from Italy to the US. We will have to pay for the flights out of Italy, which are currently running anywhere from $3,000-$8,000.

The Asst. to the the Defense Attache says there will be emergency military funds to get Shelley and Kullen from Italy to home. Because I'm not military, those funds are not accessible to me. I will be stuck.

I cannot even tell you the emotions I am feeling right now. Yes I can. I am angry, frustrated, exhausted, homesick, and...well angry is mostly where I'm at at this very second, which comes in between the tears of frustration and thoughts of "How will I ever get home?"

The airlines need to be held accountable for this. This is financial rape, and nothing less.


Jo said...

Hi Leah,
I'm Johanna from Italy, a regular reader of your blog :).
If you have the chance please let me know whereabouts in Italy you will be coming? Unfortunately we are in Sicily so probably not close by (though you never know, there's actually a US military base here), but we'd be happy for you to come stay with us if needed. I'd also be tempted to try and find a cheaper flight back to the US, can't believe the prices you've been quoted.
If I can help in any way, please do contact me by email:

Jo said...

After a quick look online, I have found some flights over the weekend for under 1500 $ from Rome to New York, update when you know if, when and where you will be in Italy if you can, also you send me your email address and I'll let you know our phone number in case we can help (even for translations over the phone).
Good luck!