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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Satisfying needs

I don't want to sugar coat the images from my trip, but I also want to speak respectfully of those who were gracious enough to allow us to see the reality behind the doors of the institution we visited. If families who have to potential to adopt don't know the reality, they will continue to look the other direction. It's easy to choose to NOT see the truth. Can YOU read this post without looking away? Without turning it off and leaving it for the next person to worry about? This is my challenge to you, to read the entire post, which includes watching the video.

Please watch this interview, then read the rest of the blog.

"M", who I talked about in a previous post, came from this very institution visited by Ann Curry. In fact, "M" spent he first eight years there! But the director of the orphanage saw the news story and was determined to save some of the kids, so she requested some of them be transferred to her care. "M" was lucky enough to be one of those children.

Usually this orphanage can't have children over the age of 7. By that time they're transferred to the mental institutions (similar to where M had just come from). But since many of the children came into her care, they now have several that are nearing 10 years old. That's the age limit...10 years old. "M" is 10 years old.

So what happens next? "M" will be transferred to an institution for "older" children, those considered un-adoptable. Because she is unable to speak, and she is the size of a 4 or 5 year old, she will be incredibly vulnerable to all the horrible things you can possibly imagine a little girl in her position could be subjected to. It won't be long before her spirit dies, and eventually she will loose the will to live. How can can you...sit back and know this will happen? I can't, can you?

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