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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just in case you need to know:

Some things you will need to know while living in a Bulgarian hotel:

The bottle opener can be found on top of the fridge, next to the condoms. (not purhased by us, I might add, but provided as convenience for all guests, along with the full liqueur cabinet and billed to you should you decide to use it.)

We're wondering if the gum is for before or after the condoms are used?

A "structured enviroment" for a newly adopted, and very bored child includes two wacky American women speaking a different language who lay on the beds starting at computer screens a lot. They cry at random times, but laugh at you when you're being exceptionally cute. Even wearing Leah's glasses upside down.

The same newly adopted child's first sponatneous American words are going to be, "Cheerleading" and "snowmobile" thanks to my Ipod touch and ABA application downloads. His favorite place to be is behind the curtain-overlooking the city- listenening to those or Christmas music apps.

Three day old leftover Pizza smells, because it's 3 times the size of the refrigerator.

"Same day service" for laundry in Bulgaria does not have the same meaning it does in the U.S.

If there is a hole in the sidewalk, the people here will fill it with trash. (they're very big holes.)

We don't understand why parking is so expensive in the U.S. Here you just park wherever you want.

Missing socks is a universal problem. We have lost a lot of socks in our hotel room! This could be due to a little boy who's favorite pass time in the institution was flushing them down the toilet. We're planning on playing dumb if this becomes a plumbing issue with the hotel.

We now know why people here walk looking at the ground. They're not being rude, or inapproachable. They watching for piles of dog crap from one of the the million plus stray dogs here!

Kullen showed us that he was taught to spit at pidgeons.

Putting chap stick on Kullen causes him to spontaneously break out his whistler. We didn't know he could whistle!


Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

ROFL!!! You two are hysterical funny when you are stuck in Bulgaria!

Sorry, I know you want to go home but I'm finding your posts absolutely brilliant!

Fairly certain that does NOT make you feel any better about being stuck! :)

Seriously, we are praying for you... I have faith it will all work out and you will look back on this and laugh (at least you will if you go back and read your posts!) and yes, I realise that it is far easier to have faith NOT being the one stuck in a foreign country lol but still, we ARE praying... so chin up and all that! :)

HUGS from William, Eden and Lu!

Lund7 said...

Leah, you crack me up! You have to laugh, I'm sure when you are stuck in that hotel day after day!

Seriously though, I am praying for you guys and posted it on my blog too! Get home soon!

Did you see my comment last night...can I help with Angela at all this week, before or after school?