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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Lord Help Me

I have recently been forced to make some changes in my life. At the risk of over-sharing, I'm going to disclose some of those changes for the purposes of an educational blog post. We'll consider this a public service announcement. Or something.

First, the back-story:

The week before Christmas there was some horseplay happening at our house that involved one of my adult children. (cough cough Tyler cough) The little kids have this sensory toy.

When it is straightened out, it's about 3ft long. It also happens to vibrate. Noah picked it up and asked, "What is this thing?" So I turned it on. The fact that it vibrates turned into much joking around about what type of "toy" I had bought for the kids. Noah tossed it over to Tyler. Tyer, however, has a lot "sensory issues" and kind of freaked out when the vibrating thing touched him. His reflex was to push it away. You'll notice on the picture the hard plastic end caps. One of those caps hit me square in my front tooth, knocking it out.


Now this tooth is actually one that was injured when I was eight years old. Two years ago, while I was in Serbia, my good friend, who just happens to be a cosmetic dentist, put new crowns on all my front teeth for significantly less money than what I had been quoted here in the US. So, when this accident happened over Christmas I was SO upset! My beautiful crown was wrecked! Not to mention, I had just lost a tooth!

Lucky for me, the teeth on either side of it held the disconnected tooth in place.  I thought I could wait until I went to Serbia to have a new tooth implanted or something. Unfortunately, a couple weeks ago the tooth right next to it abscessed. The swelling caused everything to move around and my other teeth would no longer hold the broken tooth in place. I had no choice but to get it fixed. After suffering several days with my face being hugely swollen and throbbing with pain, I had two of my front teeth pulled. ( I still don't know if it was the dentist's knee I was holding or Dean's. I guess that's another blog post.) Unfortunately there was so much swelling that I had to wait nearly a week before having impressions made of my mouth, which was needed in order to get some temporary teeth. I didn't leave my house for days, so embarrassed about having this gaping hole in my mouth!  I finally got my new, temporary teeth this past Monday.

So, I have spent the last several days learning how to talk without a lisp, how to eat (can't eat with them in) and generally learning to live with my new teeth.

And now for tonight's episode:

Tyler is here again. (are you sensing a theme?) It was 10:45 pm when he announced, "You know what I could go for? I could go for a Blondie!"

If you don't know what a Blondie is, you can probably find them on Pinterest. We happen to find them at our local Applebees.

Before Tyler could finish his sentence I was on the phone to Applebees, placing an order for curbside pick up for three blondes. Tyler and I jumped in the car to go pick them up.

On the way I said, "I should stop in the convenience store and pick up juice and milk for the morning."

I ran into the store, grabbed the necessary items and went to the counter to pay. I was still wearing my tight driving gloves, which made it difficult to get my money card out of my purse. So I did what I would always do, and bit the tip of my finger to pull the glove off my hand.

And my teeth fell out onto the counter.

I quickly picked them up and announced, "Oh look! Teeth!" and popped them back into my mouth.

While the clerk picked her chin up off the floor I made a mad dash for the car.


My side of the family has this sneezing thing. We sneeze many times in a row, very hard. This week I learned that when you sneeze into your elbow, your elbow will not catch the teeth when they fly out of your mouth.


After baby #3, I had to have some...ahem..."plumbing work" done to repair the damage done from the babies. Apparently 17 years is long enough and I need to have some of this work re-done. I am just getting over a horrible respiratory thing that all of us passed around.  (Yes, at the same time I was dealing with a swollen, infected face, I was also coughing up a lung.) I still have a residual cough. I have learned that I cannot cough and walk at the same time. One hand needs to hold my teeth in while my legs are crossed to keep everything else in.