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Thursday, February 19, 2009

You're Under Arrested

Angela's favorite game is "Cops". She'll frequently come up to one of us and say, "Mom! Hands ahind your back! You're under arrested!" Then she'll move behind you and pretend to tie  your hands together, or....if she's having a really good day (and you're not!) she'll have her toy handcuffs with her that are actually tough to get off behind your back!

So yesterday afternoon I'm waiting for her to get home so we can get out the door for our afternoon activities. Instead the phone rang. Whenever I see the district phone number on the caller ID I answer with, "Do I really want to talk to you today?" Yesterday her teacher said, "Angela came back from lunch with imaginary handcuffs on, saying she was under arrested, and is now refusing to move, saying she's in jail. The bus has been waiting and I need to let it go. Can you come get her?"

This is such a classic "Angela" thing, how could I not laugh? My only concern was that going to get her would backfire, and she'd repeat the performance today, or someday soon. I told her teacher if it happens again to go along with it. Just tell her something like, "Yeah, well the jail is on the bus, and it's going to leave without you! C'mon, lets go talk to the cops who are waiting on the jail bus!"

Angela is very good at d.r.a.g.g.i.n.g  us into her pretend world!

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The Unknown Contributor said...

What a great story...your Angela sounds like quite a pip! Its so much fun to be part of what our children dream up, isn't it? Thanks for can you type with your cuffs on ;-) lol.