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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I take it back. I TAKE IT BACK!

Yesterday I made a HUGE mistake! 

Years ago, when my boys were little, I learned that giving into "Just one more time Mom!" is wrong. Never do it! Here's an example: When you've got your kids at the BMX track, and it's time to go, the kids will beg for "One more time Mom!" DO not GIVE IN! If you do, there is sure to be an accident of some sort, usually involving stitches or broken bones.

The day before school starts in the fall, DO NOT SAY STUPID THINGS like, "Well, we made it through the whole summer without anyone needing stitches or anything!" When you say stupid things, stupid things happen! When I made the mistake of saying that the day before school started, Tyler crashed on his bike, with his helmet on, and wound up with 90 stitches in his face!

When you're on a motorcycle, riding a twisty turny road at high speed, you will eventually come to the end. That's when the guy you're riding behind says, "Lets take it one more time then head home." Get off the bike!!! I repeat, GET OFF THE BIKE! You'll be glad you did, because that guy is going to go down, and you'll be the one to to help him up, and be a shoulder to cry on when his bike is destroyed but he is whole.

A year ago, Dean and I were talking about raising kids, kid injuries, and stuff like that. I said a dumb thing. I said, "Yeah, for all the stitches my kids had, nobody has ever had a broken bone." The very next day I shattered my wrist. 

So last night I was talking to a friend of mine, and we were discussing kid injuries. Before I even realized what was coming out of my mouth I said it. I said the really dumb thing. I said, "Yeah, Angela has never needed stitches, or broken a bone or anything."

Today she's on a field trip DOWNHILL SKIING! What was I THINKING? Now if I'd said that a week ago when she wasn't doing anything potentially dangerous, it would be no big deal. But no, I said it when she's going to be on SKIIS!!!!

Ok, so God, I am not claiming this for my kid. Nope, I will not have it. You have her out on a fun day with the entire 6th grade class, and she's going to have FUN and I am not going to worry about what I said!!!!

As I dressed her for skiing today I prayed over her. As I put her scarf on, (cuz it's really cold here today, only 3 degrees) I told her, "Tell your teacher NO TYING the scarf! Just fold it and drape it over your shoulders. NO TYING it!" (because scarves can get caught in chair lifts and stuff.)

I'm thinking a trip to the Y is in order to keep me busy today.

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SunflowerMom said...

yikes! be safe today, Angela!