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Thursday, February 12, 2009

oh oh oh I can hardly stand it!

I have spring fever SO BAD! What is adding to my feverish state is the fact that this weekend is the Bike show (like the " camping/rv show", and the "sportsman show", and the "lawn and garden show".)  

This week, with the help of my handy dandy tax return (I know, I know, one should NOT use Uncle Sam as a saving's plan) I've been getting stuff for the upcoming ride season. 

Ebay and craigslist love me.

You see, I have a big trip coming up. Originally I was supposed to be going to TN in April, but then a better offer came up. In August is the National Women's Motorcycle Rally in Keystone Colorado, and I'M GOING! Oh, it's going to be so much fun!

But I need STUFF for that trip! Like, I really *need* a GPS for my bike, so I got this one. A TomTom Rider 2nd edition. It comes with mounting hardware for my bike, and it can also be easily moved to the car for use there. I will never get lost again, right?

I realize people have been riding for years without the use of a GPS. They just pull over and look at a map, simple enough. However, some of you may remember what happened to me a couple of times last summer. Dean and I (and sometimes a big group of us) would go for rides through the river valley. A beautiful area to ride! But, there were days when I had time alone when I really wanted to ride, but I just don't know that area well. 

One Saturday Dean wanted to lay around, but I could see that one of our last good riding days of the season was going to be wasted, so I set out alone. About 2 hours later I called him, "How do I get home from here?" "Well, that depends upon what town you're in." I looked around for a person, "Um, excuse me, can you tell me what town I'm in?"

Do you see why I need this thing?

With the GPS, the map is right in front of you, so no need to pull over. But, even better than that, using bluetooth technology, you can have a little voice right inside inside your helmet (If I wear one) and Iyou can hear it talking to you, telling you that my turn is coming up. You can even choose the voice! My friend named her GPS voice "Prudence". I'll have to think of something similarly clever for mine. Any suggestions?

The FedEx website says my new toy is on the truck to be delivered today, but it has to be signed for, so don't ask me to meet for coffee or anything cuz I'm not going ANYWHERE!

Then there is the issue of luggage. Last summer when I went on my Epic journey with Tink and Scharlotte, those two ladies had some really nice luggage on their bikes. I don't mean as in "super expensive designer stuff". (well, ok, it WAS expensive.) I mean "Super waterproof and utilizes space well" kind of nice. Note the emphasis on waterproof! Last summer I wrecked my camera that had been neatly tucked away AND inside plastic! 

I really want the bag that Tink has, only Dean says I'm nuts to spend that much. So I've been looking around at others, and all the others really require a passenger backrest. (oh darn, something more to buy for my bike.) Which is why I also bought this on Ebay this week:

The backrest arrived yesterday, and has been sitting on the kitchen table looking just like it does in the picture, so I can drool on it. This morning after Dean and Angela left, while still wearing my cow and moon pajamas, I slipped on my boots and took it out to the garage. There I held it up next to my bike, and where it would be mounted. You know, to see how it would look and stuff. Then I came back in the house, and looked at the snow outside. BLECH!

This weekend, when we go to the bike show, (oh, I can hardly type that without butterflies in my tummy! It's almost as good as Disney World!) I'll be on the hunt for a good deal on bike luggage. I know what I'm looking for, I just have to find it. However, I will be honest, if I don't find what I want, I'll buy that expensive one just like Tink has because...well...I want it. 


Googsmom said...

Nooner and Spank will love the new additions ;)

datri said...

LOL, I didn't even know they made mounting hardware for a GPS for bikes! I absolutely LOVE my GPS, but I have a terrible fear that it's going to drop dead on me at a time when I don't have a map for the area I'm in!