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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Speaking of the test

Thanks for the reminder Alyssa!

Well, here's what happened. I needed 150 to get in, and I scored 149. Can you believe it? I scored 89% on the writing portion, but only a 48 on the math. The math score is no surprise to me really. 

I called my admissions contact and he said there was another guy who tested the same day, and got the exact same score. (hmmm was he sitting next to me?) He came back the very next day and re-tested, and scored a 179. It would sure be nice if I could do the same thing! Even if I get a couple more of the writing questions right, I'd be eligible. But, remember only the top 20 scores of those who want to get into this program are accepted, so the higher my score the better. 

I'll be retaking the test on Tuesday of next week. Of course, right after I took the test I cleaned my office, and threw away the practice test. So, I'll need to get a new copy of that, and find someone who has time to teach me AGAIN how to do the math! I'm thinking it should be Monday night, right before I go test! 


Alyssa said...

OHHHHH! So close! Take it will do better!! Do you know how many people are testing? Hopefully less than 20! :)

JSB23 said...

Leah, I'm sorry to hear you didn't make it on the first go. It would have saved you the hassle of having to retake the test. :(

Since all you need is one extra point from either math or writing, don't panic and try to cram the math the night before the exam. It will just mess you up the next day. Get your tutor to help you on Friday, give it a day to sink in, and then meet with the tutor on Sunday to do a quick look-over. If you learn only one new thing you'll be OK--learn two and you'll be super-duper.

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