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Friday, February 06, 2009

I'm boycotting Octuplet mom

So, she did it. She finally did an interview with Ann Currey, which will be broadcast on February 9th.  I'm sorry, but I just cannot support this woman. Not only is she nuts, but what the heck was the doctor who treated her thinking? And the other day she made a statement that she wants something like $2 million dolllars for a book deal and she wants a parenting show (something along the lines of "Supernanny".) What, because her oldest child is 7 she has tons of experience? I DON'T THINK SO! 
She says in the interview she was on disability because of a back injury that happened at work. (she was injured while working in a psychiatric unit.) But right after that is not only pregnant, but pregnant with EIGHT? She can't work, but she can carry EIGHT babies?

She's single an unemployed. Who do you suppose is paying for all those kids? The state of California is having enough problems paying for illegal aliens, I'm sure there are a few people ticked off about this one. be 33, single with FOURTEEN kids, and living with Mom and Dad. What a wonderful role model for her kids! I just feel bad for the 14 innnocent victims! 

So, I'm boycotting watching the interview. How much did the Today show pay her for it? I think they need to loose ratings on this one. Anyone else care to join me?


Bethany said...

I haven't really followed this, but wait ... is there no husband? WTF?! It says the sperm was donated by a friend?

Bethany said...

Oops, wanted to subscribe to comments here. LOL. Don't mind me!

Terri said...

I am right there with you!

Tamara said...

When I first heard about this, then read about people criticizing them for having octuplets, I thought people were a little overboard. I guess I just don't like the thought of the government telling us how many kids we can have, and that was the tone of the chat.

But, that was before I heard the whole story.

I think the doctor was totally in the wrong to agree to this. I would prefer that doctors do that themselves like adoption agencies generally do.

But, ultimately she's ridiculous. I feel bad for her kids - and her parents. I'm sure it's hard to kick her out when you have concerns about the grandchildren.

And, no, I'm not going to watch anything that gives her any press.

I guess I do have a bit of an issue with raising the issue about the government getting stuck with the bill - as I've heard that argument from those who believe we should always abort babies with DS.

Courtney said...

I think it is stupid! It just seems to be for attention. When I saw the little bit of the interview on the Today show this morning(or was it yesterday morning????) I was just rolling my eyes over and over! I am a pretty understand person, who just kinda looks at life like "to each his own"...but she just seemed stupid, and careless and selfish!
And the comment was made about the sperm donor..."he is overwhelmed and will be part of their lives when he is ready"
WTF does that mean???
ANyway I feel bad for the babies, and the Grandparents. And the doctor should have to help pay for them! I can't believe he agreed to this!!!
I love Jon and Kate plus 8 and just got done reading their book, and it is very revealing to what she is in for. Jon and Kate went through A LOT as a couple, with jobs and a very supportive family and friends. This woman just doesn't get IT!
I digress!

Jenna said...

I have heard people talking about boycotting anyone who helps support her, I agree with that. Anyone that gives her diapers, a van, anything I will boycott!

janet said...

what the hell is every1's problem? what so wrong with being a mother. So because of her socioeconomic status she is not allowed to have children? There r far worse off children that are bieng abused and neglected n she is guilty of niether. @ am sure you all are not that nieve to think that she went in to that fertility clinic and planned to have 8 children. When the embryos were Implanted I don't believe that her nor the dr thought that they all would take! Imagine finding out that your pregnant and then realize it's with 8 how could you make a decision I want 2 keep this 1 but let's terminate that 1 ? She's being crucified for giving life????? there r reality show stars that are bieng shown in such a positive light that are in her same exact position? they get loads of free stuff 4 their children and as well 4 them selves including plastic surgeries? where's the critisizm and boycotting??? The media and ignorant people r the ones blowing this way out of porportion. Give her a break !

Device hacks said...

First off Janet, It's hard to listen to a person call other people ignorant that doesn't capitalize there name, and writes like they click out text messages. You obviously don't get it. This woman purposely got impregnated at a time when she could not possibly afford the ones she has. That means that the general public will have to foot the bill. Who do you think is going to pay her 1.3 million dollar hospital stay? How many government employees could that money have paid that are now losing their jobs because of Americas financial situation? This doesn't even take into account the almost 3 grand she gets every month because she has 14 kids and is not financially dependable.

In my opinion the real cause of all of this is the welfare system in America. These programs should only cater to people that are honestly trying to get back on their feet and those who are legitimately unable to work. Those that don’t want to “get with the program” need to stop receiving my hard earned money. How is this not theft? If that means that we need to foster the kids because drop dead mom doesn’t understand responsibility then so be it. I also believe that you should be on court ordered birth control while on welfare. When you can afford it, you may have children but now it not the time.

Janet, Obviously the ignorance is on your side in not understanding that having children you can’t financially support is OK. It’s not that she wants to be a mother that we have a problem with. This is different from a couple who finds out they are pregnant and lose their jobs and needs to be treated as such.