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Thursday, February 05, 2009

How do I become a fly?

Tonight is a first for Angela. The 6th grade dance! She's had "dances" at her elementary school, but parents were required to stay. They were more like a lot of silly kids jumping around and being...well...silly! (and Nate, if you're reading, you'll find I always use elipses inappropriately!)

But this is a REAL dance. Where you drop the kid off, and pick them up two hours later. She is going to have a BLAST, but I'm a little sad about the fact I won't get to see her having it. I'm thinking of sending her camera with her, but then she'll be busy taking pictures and not participating. One of her teachers will be there, maybe I can send the camera with her, and she'd take pictures for me? 

Oh, how I want to be a fly on the wall tonight! 

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