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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tis the season for snot!

*Gross post alert!*

On Friday morning last week, Angela, who had gone to bed appearing 100% healthy, woke up quite stuffed up. Then she spent the weekend at her dads. 

Monday morning she woke up with snot plastered over her entire face, and all of her hair stuck in it as well. I told her, "Ohh you'll have to take a shower to get that off!" It was one of the very few times she willingly got into the shower. LOL She RAN to the bathroom yelling, "I have to get this snot offa my face! Eeeewwwww".

By Monday night the snot was green. I'm so very lucky that our pediatrician trusts my diagnosing abilities, and was willing to call in a prescription for her. While she's not yet 100%, at least she's not oozing snot anymore, which is a good thing since there's a school dance tonight!

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Kristen said...

Poor Angela!!!

Thanks for the dad b-day wishes. He is actually 4 years younger than my mom. He would have been 19 when I was born had he been my biological father. We went to lunch once and the waiter thought that he was my boyfriend. Bleh. LOL!