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Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Compliment from my husband

Last year, as I was customizing my sidecar, Dean was giving me a really hard time about it. Something about money.  Honestly, ever step in the process I wanted to keep secret from him (bad, I know this is bad) because I knew he was going to harass me about it. But, it's kind of hard to keep a 6 ft 150 pound WHITE tub that is a sidecar part secret now, isn't it? 

Then yesterday, Dean was telling me what he REALLY thought of all I'd done. He said he was PROUD of me! 


One of his customers was telling him that he bought a bike via ebay. He flew out to wherever he was purchasing it from, and rode it home. As soon as he got it home (after a couple thousand miles) everything started going on it, and it was junk. $6,000 worth of junk.

Dean told him, "You know, I have to give my wife credit. She took on this big project with her bike. She wanted a sidecar, but really knew nothing about it. She researched the heck out of the subject, and got hooked up with other sidecar enthusiasts. She found a sidecar for sale in Ohio for really cheap, and arranged for someone else who just happened to be going out for a sidecar rally to bring it back for her free of charge!  She wanted it to match her bike, but I told her not to waste all that money painting it, just in case she didn't like riding with it. Well, she found herself a custom body guy and had it painted just the way she wanted. Then she found someone to mount it, and they did a great job. Now she has a bike that everyone drools over, which I think is also exactly what she wanted. I'm very proud of my wife. Not many women would have gone to the lengths she did, gotten what she wanted, AND did so without getting burned by anyone."

I was shocked when he told me about this. "Ummm Dean, you gave me nothing but a hard time while I was doing this!"

"I know. It was because I was worried that somewhere along the way you were going to get screwed by someone, and I didn't want to see that happen. It didn't happen though, and I'm proud of you for getting all that done yourself. None of my friends' wives would have even attempted it, especially considering this will only be your 3rd full season riding. And now, you have a beautiful bike to show for it. "

Wasn't that sweet? I had no idea he felt the way he did. I wonder if he'll be as proud of me when he sees my new GPS on my bike?

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Googsmom said...

What a lucky girl you are :)