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Thursday, February 05, 2009

She's at the dance

Angela is at the dance, and she very politely put her hand up in a "talk to the hand" manner, and said, "Ok mom. You drop me off. I go to the dance. See ya later!" and took off running for the school gym.

I did go watch from the windows into the gym...just for a minute... and she was slapping her rear end as she danced. LOVELY!!!! 

I have to add though, that I was thrilled to death to see all the girls who came up to her individually and said hello, giving her one of those tween girl squeely hugs. What thrilled me was that they went up to HER to say hello. She gave a hug back, and said a nice hello, but I could see her eyes on the pizza line! 


Bethany said...

LOL Go Angela! I hope she has a terrific time!

My name is Sarah said...

I hope Angela has fun at the dance. I have a dance tommorrow too.

Googsmom said...