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Thursday, February 05, 2009


Don't worry, nobody here is getting stitches. I'm just trying to occupy my time while Angela is at the dance! LOL 

Earlier today my friend Bethany posted about an incident in their house last night, which reminded me about our experiences, so I thought I might as well blog about it! LOL

Lets go back to the time Noah amputated his finger. 

I was a very young (20) new mom, and about 4 months pregnant with #2. We were out at my sister's house in a rural area. Our toddlers were all playing in another room, but within our sight, when Noah started crying. It wasn't a "scream", but crying like he might be hurt.

I went to see what was wrong, and he was holding up his hand. I didn't even really look, just ran with him to grab a paper towel. By this time Noah WAS screaming. I lifted the paper towel to look at his hand and just about passed out. "OH MY GOD HE CUT IT OOOOOFFFF!"

"He cut WHAT off?" everyone yelled.

"He cut is finger OFF!!! OMG HE CUT IT OFFFFFF". By the time those words were out of my mouth, my sister, her husband, my husband Noah and I were already in the car. Except that a football game had just ended across the street and we couldn't even get onto the road. We were all arguing about what to do, while I was hyperventilating. Noah, on the other hand, was shocky and silent.

We got to the RURAL hospital, and because he was in shock Noah was brought back right away. Somewhere in there my sister called my mom to tell her what was going on. My mom was an hour away from where we were, and she was already in bed for the night. When I got on the phone she asked me, "Do you want me to come down there?" I looked around at all the people I had there with me already, and felt silly when I said "Well...I really want my MOM here, but..umm...I guess you don't really NEED to come."

Soon after, the doctor came out with Noah's xray. The growth plate was damaged, and he was going to need surgery to re-attach the tip of the finger. We were sent on to another hospital in the cities to meet a hand surgeon, so that the nerve endings could be saved. So, at 2:00 a.m. Noah was strapped into a papoose, given some anesthetic, and had his finger re-attached. He came out with a big 'ole turkey leg bandage on his hand, but by the next day you never would have known anything had happened to him. Noah, as a 21 year old adult, the finger nail still grows crooked, and he can't feel the tip, but other than that his finger functions fine.

And then there was the day Tyler got 90...yes NINETY stitches in his head. But I have to leave to pick up Angela now, so I'll post about that one later. ;-)

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Bethany said...

OMG. I know Payton is a girl after my own heart. I had stitches several times as a child ... I was a mess! LOL