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Thursday, February 26, 2009


Angela is determined to have her bedroom redone in a pirate theme. Last year while on her Make A Wish trip, she kept talking about "a pirate room" and we couldn't figure out why. She talked of a ship's wheel, a mast, a "ship window" (a port hole) and, of course, a ship. It wasn't until we got home that we figured out what she was talking about.

You see, on Extreme Home Makeover, they often send the families to Disney World. Then, when the family comes home, there is a bus and Ty waiting in front of the house. The family goes in, and many of the kids have a Pirate Room waiting for them! Angela figured since we were at Disney, and the whole Make A Wish thing is a big deal like EHMO, and since she WANTED a pirate room, that must be what was waiting for her at home.

When we arrived home after a week in sunny Orlando, Angela RAN to her room, threw open the door, and stood there speechless. There was her old bed. The same bedding. The same walls. The same drawings taped to the walls. No pirates. No ships wheel. No port hole. No ships mast. Just her old room.

I was heartbroken for her. Her shoulders drooped, and a tear ran down her face. There was no way to protect her from this disappointment. She would just have to get over it. That's life kid, you just don't get what you want. It doesn't just appear like it does on EHMO.

Only she didn't get over it. She has spent A YEAR asking for a pirate room. I've tried to talk her into all kinds of different themes. Themes that are much easier to work with. Girly themes with flowers or dots. Even (gulp) High School Musical. But if you know Angela, she is anything but a girly girl. (she's so much like I was at that age! I HATED my pink room! LOL) She is all boy. Must come from having 4 big brothers. LOL

So I've promised her a pirate room, only I have no idea how to do this really. I have a new friend who is pretty smart about pirates and the "must have's" for a pirate room. Now, if I could just figure out her bed! If I had the choice, I'd spend the buku bucks and buy her one of the pirate beds I've found online. But Angela sleeps in a hospital bed, which is tricky to incorporate. I'm thinking just a ship-looking headboard and footboard would work, but have no idea how to do it.

While most 13 year olds outgrow their phases pretty quickly, Angela isn't a typical tween, and will be in the phase for a long time. Who knows? All I know is she wants a pirate room REeeeeeaaaaalllltyyyy bad! LOL

So if anyone reading is into constructing things, can you think of a way to design a pirate ship-like bed out of a full-size hospital bed?

Tonight we're going to let her watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" for the first time. I'm hoping she'll get over her pirate obsession by watching it. With my luck, it'll make the obsession worse. LOL


abby said...

I love it. A pirate room sounds like so much fun. Hmmm...what if you made curtains for one window that had circles cut out so when you had the curtains closed it would look like portholes?

Does Angela ever watch Veggie Tales? The have 2 pirate movies. There is Jonah (as in Jonah and the Whale) and the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Movie. Jonah is the better one.

I've also seen some really cute material that looks like a treasure map - you could make a bed spread out of it....

Yeah, I can do the sewing parts of decorating. I can't do the construction parts.

Randy and Sheila said...

I am guessing you have been to this site but I am enclosing the link anyway. We didn't buy anything from here but it helped Michael decide on his room when he was younger (Under the Sea theme)

We went kind of nautical and bought some white rope and outlined the windows and hung glass bouys (balls in nets) from the valances.

A simple wood frame around the base of her bed with rope lights to underlight is was a favorite feature in Michael's room - he hates direct lighting but he had all sorts of adventures with his room decorated this way.

Michael has lots of ideas for Angela if she needs help. He always asks about the girl that played with his nintendo ds.


Randy and Sheila said...

oops - helps to leave the site address!


Shea said...

You gotta ask burnsun from downsyn. She built sets for theater and does this stuff with beds.