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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We are changing dog food...AGAIN!


We change dog foods about every 6 months or so, depending upon what we happen to be feeding. Our last switch was because we were feeding Canidae, but the company changed one of their main ingredients to something not "optimal". In fact, it eliminated them from the top 10 dog foods.

So we changed to "Precise". Three different foods for the different needs of our dogs. 

Rubee, who has been slightly overweight since her spay last year, was getting the senior formula and has lost weight nicely. 

Dudley, being fed TWICE the recommended amount of the "high performance" forumula, has gained weight nicely. Although he's gaining we have noticed a lot of staining on his beard, which comes from the foods.

Zurri and Roman are on the adult "maintenance" formula. Roman is doing great.

 Zurri, on the other hand, has put on a couple more pounds than I would like. She has also developed a HORRIBLE personal problem! Zurri is a standard poodle, and their systems are on the sensitive side. Zurri is always the first one to react to a food. First we noticed the excessive licking of her paws. In dogs this is an indicator of an allergy, usually to food. Then, about a week ago, Dean and I were sitting on the couch, when first I, then he was hit by a HORRIBLE odor. "GOOD GOD!" I hollered at Dean. "Go to the bathroom already!"

He looked at me with that blank look guys give you. "What? I didn't do anything." 

We looked down to see Zurri laying right below him on the floor. Then we heard it. An almost whispered "ffffffffffffffffffffftttttt" sound, coming from the dog. 

OH GOD!!!!!!! Something crawled in her and DIED!!!!

Some nights this problem has been worse than others. Tonight, however, I'm hearing that awful noise about every 3 minutes, and Dean and I are on the couch with our shirts over our face. The dog is now downstairs and does NOT get to sleep in her usual place in our room. No way man!!!!!

So, time to change foods!!!


Tamara said...

We're still doing Diamond ... I'm so far behind! I don't think the one we're feeding Mr. D has any corn in it though ... which is good, right?

Googsmom said...

Sorry for the stinkies Leah but I am LMAO!!!