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Friday, January 27, 2012

Too much cuteness!!!

I don't know if our house can stand any more cuteness! Look who got his new glasses!!!!

And is it just me or does he look like "Squints" from the movie The Sandlot?

Asher has been absolutely excellent about keeping his glasses on. The only time they've been off his face is when they've gotten bumped by something (like when he drags his head getting off a chair. LOL) I think because he's been so good about wearing them, I *think* he is already able to see with them. (he should have had trouble seeing with them at first since one eye was not functioning much and his brain would have to re-learn how to focus). Last night I was putting him to bed. He'd had two full days of wearing his glasses by that point. Anyway, I took his glasses off then he turned to walk to his bed. He FELT all the way along the length of his bed until he got to the headboard, then felt around for his pillow before climbing in! He's NEVER done that before, so I think his brain has figured out he can't see. LOL 

Now, just for fun, here are some more cute "new glasses" pictures from the last few days:

The very first moment he had them on. "What in the world?????" And yes, they look big for his face. That's so that he can't look AROUND them!

Watching Sesame Street. He can SEE it now! And, if you notice, he has a dangly thing, but he's not dangling it. ;-) Also notice one ear piece isn't even on his ear and he's leaving them alone! 

Mom, enough already. 

Ok, if I smile will you please stop? 


Hevel Cohen said...

Soo soo cute!

Kathy said...

He is the perfect spokesmodel for "blind referral" adoption. (no pun intended) What I mean is, you went and accepted a child you had never seen, and he ends up being THE CUTEST kid in the country!! So adorable.

Sher said...


Amy L said...

Bless his little heart! He looks adorable and what a good boy for keeping his glasses on!

Maren said...

So cute! Its like his glasses have opened up a whole new "cool" world for him!