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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let's go walking

In my post previous post I said I had a lot of posts in drafts. Wow...I have more than I thought. I decided to finish up some of them and bring them back to life. This one is from July 2011:

The other day kids and I took a walk through the nature preserve right next to our house. The last time we were there was early last spring, right before Axel's surgery. Walking through dense brush and tall grass really wasn't possible, nor very fun, with Axel in a halo.

It has been really tough to get Angela outside this year. Like much of the rest of the country we had record temps, and with Angela having anhydrosis it just wasn't possible for her to be outside. Then in July we bought her a new cooling vest. She can even be outside when it's 100* now, when the rest of us are sitting like damp lumps not wanting to move. Axel couldn't be out because the vest of his halo was encased in lambs wool

We found the remnants of a HUGE snapping turtle. I wonder how old it was? Angela was disgusted, Axel was fascinated. He's still trying to understand "turtle" so to tell him "dead turtle" is far beyond his level of comprehension.

As much as I hated Axel's neck brace, I loved when he wore this shirt with it. It almost looked like the brace was part of the guitar on his shirt. LOL

The could care less if I can keep up or not!

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