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Friday, January 06, 2012

On Mainstreaming...sorta

Just before I left for Serbia to get Asher, I had a meeting with the staff in Angela's school to select mainstream classes for her to enroll in at the turn of the trimester. (which happened while I was gone.) Apparently my first choice class for a particular hour wasn't available so Angela was placed in the second choice class. It's called "Issues in Wellness" and covers a very wide variety of topics important to teens. Things like how to write letters to colleges, nutrition, just all kinds of things!

Our driveway is sort of long, and very steep. At 6:45 s.m. when Angela goes to the bus it is pitch dark, and she's standing at the end of the driveway hidden by the trees, so Dean usually goes to the bus stop with her. A couple days ago it was colder than it had been. A conversation ensued....

A: I'm cold dad.
D: Yep, it's cold out here this morning.
A: My ears are cold.
D. Good thing you have a headband on.
A: My hands are cold.
D: Good thing you have gloves on.
A: My testicles are cold.

Dean wasn't expecting that any more than you were.

Now, the word "testicles" isn't one that's used in our house on a regular basis....or at all for that matter. We wondered in what situation that word was added to her vocabulary.

Tonight the  were playing in the bedroom. The older two were kind of quiet and Asher was laughing hysterically watching them. I snuck around the corner and wasn't really sure what I was seeing, but it involved the toy stethoscope and an old ace bandage. It also involved Axel laying on his back holding his knees.

A little later I ran to pick up our chinese take-out and ran into one of Angela's mainstream classmates. Guess what they watched today in the Wellness class? Yep, childbirth videos!

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