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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Loving My Family

I love having a family to call my own!

Just a few days after coming home, I was already loving having a Papa.

I get so excited any time either Angela or Axel sit in this chair because there is room for ME to squeeze in with them!

And when we stayed up late to ring in the New Year, well big brothers are great to take a rest with on New Years's day. (and Mama's bed is the best for napping!)

But there is nothing better than sitting on Mama's lap for a story before bed. 


Karien Prinlsoo said...

Wow, Leah, what a difference love acceptance and a family can make. When you posted about him in the beginning, he look very Autistic to me and I wandered how you were going to handle it! Asher is a beautiful love bug.

Lund7 said...

I LOVE that last photo of you and the boys! Looks like Asher is fitting right into his FAMILY. So happy for you guys...

Did you call the other day? I have 2 friends named Leah and Rich thought it was the other "Leah"! She doesn't drink coffee so I was confused. Anyway, I am open next M, W or Friday to get together for coffee if you are open!