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Monday, January 16, 2012

Last Week/This Week

Last week was busy busy busy! Let me recap for you:

Monday-I can't remember
Weds- International Adoption Clinic. 17 vials of blood drawn, referrals to additional specialists.
Weds-GI doctor. Agreed that Asher is suspicious for Hirschsprungs. Colon biopsy and endoscopy w/biopsy will be done when he has his T&A
Thurs - Eye doctor for the AAA's : Asher needs glasses (duh) Angela and Axel need surgery.
Friday - ordered Asher's glasses. His eyes are terrible! TRIED to get social security number ordered. FAIL Need new copies of some documents that are in SERBIA!  Seriously? I gave them the exact same documents I gave them for Axel's SSN, and they didn't like them this time. Oh, and there's an error on the birth certificate that none of worker, guardian or myself noticed. Hmmmmmm Would love to retry this same visit in three weeks with a different clerk and see what happens. ;-)
Saturday: Dean and I went on a date. To an appliance store. It was heavenly.
Sunday: Dean and Tyler started ripping out a wall while I tried to take a nap. ;-) Basketball practice for Angela and Axel.

This week holds:
Monday: Lots of folding clothes. By Axel. School for Axel. Got lots of reading, writing and and a little bit of art in.
Tuesday: Pediatric Dentist for Asher, then home to do school for Axel. Have I mentioned I pulled him out of school. Not because school is a problem, but because Axel is just not ready for that much time away from Mom and Dad. Therapy for Axel and Angela in the afternoon.
Weds: Urology appointment. This is the last specialist we need to see before scheduling surgery.
Thurs: Therapy for Axel and Angela.
Friday: No clue, hoping for a nap. I sometimes plan naps days in advance.
Saturday: I believe there will be chaos here. I'm dreading it.
Sunday: More of Saturday, basketball practice for Angela and Axel in the evening.

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