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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Asher saw the dentist today for the first time in his 7 years. He doesn't have a single cavity! He does have molars that are ground down to nothing, some new molars coming in along with some new lower front teeth erupting, but other than that, things look good! He sat SO WELL in my lap to have his teeth cleaned. I was very proud of him. He's such a very good little boy.

The dentist will be seeing him in the O.R party we'll be having in a few weeks though. They need to get a set of X-rays and look at the roots of those lower baby teeth to determine if they're pulling them or leaving them alone.

Tomorrow (which is readily today!) we see the Urologist. He's the last specialist on our list and then we can get surgery scheduled! Here's a list of the possible ELEVEN things he'll be having done. ( I say "possible" because we won't know until that day weather or not he's getting teeth pulled, and the Urology experience WILL have two items, but #3 we won't know until that day either.)  Of all these things, only those with *'s will bother him afterward.:

*Tonsils (cuz they're massive and overlapping and he can't swallow solid food because of them)
*Adenoids (because that's usually just part of doing tonsils and they're probably huge too)
Bronchoscopy (to check for tracheolaryngeal malacia)
Endoscopy w/biopsy (to check for Celiac Disease)
Colonoscopy w/biopsy (to check for Hirschsprung Disease)
ABR (hearing test)
Dental X-rays
*Possible tooth extraction
*A 3-proceedure Urological experience (do you *really* want these details? I think not!)

I predict a week of valium. For Asher not me silly! Wait  no, me too! We have considered putting off several items, but of all them, the dental stuff is the only one I'd be willing to postpone. All the rest is necessary as soon as possible.

Oh, and we get to pick up his glasses this week too! Maybe we should start the valium now? No for ME silly! Not Asher!

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Kathy said...

I know u dont wanna share the peepee details, but having a boy with ds, I am curious. Also curious to know how they are able to determine his vision, when he can't tell you what is clear and what is blurry?