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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Missed It!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I almost missed it!

I know you're here, because there are usually 300+ hits a day on this blog, and yet only 1-3 commentors most of the time. That's ok, because I know not everyone has the time (or desire) to comment, but I'd love if you comment on this post and introduce yourself! It's kind of like mingling at  party and finding someone hiding out a corner. C'mon out, It's fun!  So how did you find me? How long have you been here. What keeps you coming back? Do you have any topics you'd like to see here?

Can't wait to "meet" you!


Grace said...

I think you know me :) I'm glad we've "met" and have a chance to talk. I'm glad we're friends even though we don't always agree on everything. I appreciate the support from the bullies out there in the adoption world! Let's meet for real sometime!


Imogen said...

Hellooooo! I have commented here and there, but I am guilty of lurking lots :)

I can't remember how I found this blog. I often click links on other blogs, and if I like the blog I land on, I will bookmark it in my faves (which I have with your blog Leah).

I first fell in love with Angela, and then followed your journey to adopting Axel (who also then totally stole my heart) and now Asher!

I'm a happily married mother of a gorgeous ten year old daughter, and I live in Australia.

What else to tell? Umm, I have two cats and two fish!

In summary, I love reading blogs and I love children. And I really enjoy your blog!

Also, I SO admire how you stand up for the rights of your children. I stand in awe of you!

Maren said...

Ok, I'll be the first "delurker". I'm Maren, I'm the mom of 2 boys, ages 5 and 8. I'm married, and we moved to Georgia this past summer because hubby works for a certain airline that living in the MSP area you are very familiar with too :) I don't remember exactly how I found you but I know it was thru the special needs community as my 8 yr old is autistic. I enjoy reading about your family and your posts about adoption as it is a future goal of mine. WHEW! That was long, hope I didn't bore you!

aliciajill said...

I'll bite. I do not remember how I found you, I've been reading since shortly after Axel came home last year. I grew up in MN so that may be part of my interest. I keep reading because I think what you have done for your children is amazing and I am blown away at the progress being made. I also feel like I am led to follow along for a reason, perhaps one day God will call us to adopt, or maybe just to be a blessing to someone else who is. I don't know that there any specific topics I would like to see here, I just love to follow along. Thank you for sharing your life and inspiring others.

Dean said...

Lets see, I found you on a dating site, or should I say, You found me on a dating site. I've been here for over 8 years and have totally enjoyed and loved it! I keep coming back because as I just said I love it, (plus I live here). Lets see,topics, I can't think of any at the moment I would like to read about, oh wait, maybe something about how 2 people find each other on the internet and fall in Love, no I think thats been done, how about, finding someone who has no idea about DS, falling in love, then adopting 2 more kids with DS and loving every minute of it, (well, almost every minute, there still are those moments when some little girl totally ignores me or swears at me, but hey, I can live with that. She's not the first girl to swear at me).Or, maybe you could write about, how quite is it in your house with 3 children with DS and how life just won't be the same without them. From your lurking friend and lover!!!

Line-Marie said...


I think I first found Angela's blog from another blog and then started following your journey to bring home Axel. How could we resist such beautiful children, I just kept on reading because they are amazing! And now Asher, what a precious little boy. I can't wait to see how he will blossom in your family. Thanks for sharing with us!

BCPTA said...

Hello! I am mom to a 6 year old little boy with DS. I found your blog from when I used to visit Downsyn. I have meant to leave you a comment a MILLION times... :) I absolutely love seeing the updates on your growing family, please keep them coming! Thank you for sharing them with all of us.

Anonymous said...

HI there!
I have been following your blog since about 2 months prior to Asher's "gotcha day" and I love it. I found it while blog surfing. I do not have a blog, nor do I have kids at all. You and your family are awesome and you have very cute kids. Asher is adorable, Axel is a cutie, and Angela is beautiful.

Renee said...

I found your blog via the Down syndrome forum when you and Shelley got trapped in EE by the volcano. I then followed your adoption of Axel. He reminds me so much of my son. I really enjoy reading about your family.

Sandryte said...

Hi, Leah, I am a follower of your blog since you adopted Axel. I find your blog really interesting, genuine, and with lots of helpful information or ideas for therapies. Your courage and heart for orphans amaze me! I am thankful for what you did with Axel and Asher.

I am 29 years old, I have a 2 year old son (with beautiful extra chromosome), we live in Lithuania (sorry if my comments are unstructured and disconnected, I am working on my English :).

For future posts.. I just hope to see the progress of your beautiful children, more photos, more therapy ideas, the same humour :) (I like Dean's comment here, too :)).

MarySC said...

I follow only two blogs, and i always look forward to your posts. I just love your common sense and forthrightness. Got to you from Downsyn, and we've PMd a couple of times. I've really enjoyed accompanying you on your adoption journeys. (I am in my 50s, was very involved in the ARC as a teen, and regularly visited a PA "state school and hospital" (aka institution) that was then exactly like the eastern European ones are now!! Brings back sad memories; the place has been closed for decades but still is written about!)

I think you are one of the most reliable resources out there and your info can always be trusted, unlike several others who like to come off as "parent experts" and dispense misinformation!!


JLH114 said...

Hi, I found your blog through RR and soon realized that you are one savvy lady and have much to teach me. I'm an adoptive parent and a child psychologist- I specialize in tricky neurodevelopmental cases:)

Lifesaride said...

I originally found you on a adoption search site when I was looking for my sister. That was about 10 years ago. Being the Google Junkie that I am...I was curious how you were doing and I found you here. I keep coming back to watch the amazing changes in the kids. I still remember meeting Angela the 1st time...she was sooo timy. She has really blossomed into a lovely young lady !!


dottie said...

I have followed your blog since before you brought Axel home. I don't write because I feel a little akward at my age. Those I follow are in my favorite file. I am 70 yrs. old with 6 kids and 12 grand kids. I was raised in Il. but have lived in Texas for 55 years. I knew nothing about DS, adoptions and EE orphanages. I so admire you who bring these children home and give them love and attention they never had before.
I love reading about your 3 and how you are raising them. How busy you must be. Your Dean sounds like he is the greatest.
That's about it about me and why I follow you. Keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Jaimie said...

I found your blog through RR and I keep coming back because it has been really interesting to hear about how you deal with the myriad of interesting things that come up with your kids!

Nathalie said...

Hi Leah,
I found you on Downsyn. You are such a great resource on that forum and that's how I found your blog. I don't get over there as often as I used to but I usually check your blog every day hoping for a new post. :) I love to hear about the kids and how great they're doing....and the struggles. Your sense of humor, honesty and amazing knowledge keep me coming back. Plus adorable kids :)

Rachel said...

Darn. I do like to lurk. I don't remember how I found your blog - it was early in my own adoption process, though. My Ethiopian daughter has been home since September and we are hanging in there. Most days are amazing, some are good, and a few we don't want to talk about. I think that's why I like your blog. I appreciate honesty. Adoption is incredible. But adoption is HARD, too.

Unknown said...

I'm Kim, from Indiana. My oldest is 8 and has Down syndrome. I feel like I've "known" you since he was born. :)