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Monday, January 09, 2012

This week's agenda

This week will be a busy one; the kind that makes me want to hire a cook. Ok, every week makes me feel that way, but I think you get the picture. LOL

Monday: The only quiet day of the week, I think. My friend Mindi from school is coming for coffee. (Remember when I was in school?) We shared a couple of classes, created a new culture and society, and generally just had some fun! We haven't gotten to visit in ages. So far the afternoon is free but I have a sneaking suspicion this will be changing. For now I guess I'll be working on going through the mountain of papers that have been stacking up around here. Or maybe a nap. A nap sounds like a grand idea! Angela has floor hockey practice after school so one of us will pick her up right before dinner.

Tuesday: My friend Lynda is coming for coffee. (All this coffee and I don't even drink coffee! HA!) Lynda has 5 kids, one of them is 10 year old Ricky who has DS. She's also an adoptive parent. I can't wait for her to meet Asher!  Then the running begins. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I pick up Axel from school early, then race home to pick up Angela, then take them both to a couple hours of ST/OT (speech therapy/occupational therapy)  Now that we've added Asher to the mix he's getting to know everyone at the therapy center. On the days I'm really lucky, while the older kids are in therapy I can run Asher home to hang out with dad for a bit while I wait for therapy to finish. By the time we get home and have dinner then run through Angela's homework, its bedtime!

Wednesday: Let the fun appointments begin! Today will be two big appointments, one of which is really a combination of several. Asher is being seen at the University of Minnesota International Adoption Clinic which involves lots of blood work, an exam by the pediatrician who specializes in international adoption, a visit with the cardiologist, occupational therapist, and a few other things that I've now forgotten. When that appointment is done, in the same building is the pediatric GI specialist. I'm sure by the end of the day Asher will have  had enough of being poked and prodded and I will be looking for a pillow. After school Angela has floor hockey practice.

Thursday: This is supposed to be a therapy day that is a repeat of Tuesday, but I changed things up a bit. I wouldn't want to keep the same routine two weeks in a row, right? Instead all three kids are scheduled to see the pediatric ophthalmologist at the University of Minnesota. They told me to plan on being there 4-5 hours. Ouch! Thankfully Dean will be meeting us there for this appointment. I'm very curious to hear what they have to say about Asher's vision. I'm also crossing lots of body parts that they'll say Angela is done with glasses. A girl can hope, right? (as a side note, we've been told that before, and Angela was out of glasses for two years, only to have the same problem - strabismus - start back up again. Very common.) I'm waiting to be told Axel needs glasses. He was borderline a year ago.

Friday: I can't believe this, but there is NOTHING written on the calendar for Friday. I know this is subject to change. ;-) When Angela was little and getting birth-3 therapies in addition to a million doctor appointments, I tried to keep one day a week appointment free. During the summer I took the boys on "Adventure Wednesday" activities with just them, leaving Angela home with a sitter. I guess this week Friday will be our free day. I think Asher will go to bed a little early and we'll have a movie night with the big kids.

Saturday: I suspect there will be some demolition going on.

Sunday: Busy morning, more demo, then Angela and Axel have basketball practice in the evening. One of us will help out with them, and the other will take Asher swimming. I think we're going to do a coin toss. Yes we are Dean!

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Lund7 said...

I was just going to email you to see if we were still on for today...then I read your blog! I will bring over some treats...and no coffee is necessary...I already had my daily allowance of it for today!