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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Building with the Boys

I asked Dean to put together a couple sets of shelves for me. He had help.

This picture confirmed our suspicions about Asher's vision! 

Must stop the work for kisses from Daddy!

Our other concern is Asher's hearing. He is constantly putting his face against things to feel the vibration. We have no idea if he does this because he doesn't hear well, or because it's something he did in the orphanage for sensory input. It could be some of both I suppose. He did not get a "pass" in either ear for his OAE screening. He'll have an ABR hearing test done when he has his tonsils out.


Kathy said...

lol. 2:50am. Trouble sleeping?

ProjectTLC said...

Theo and Zhen both love vibration on their faces and neither one has any hearing problems. Theo will try to hug the vacuum while I'm sweeping. He chases me! He also bounces his chin on the piano pedals for the vibrations. Hope Asher is just seeking input.