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Saturday, January 21, 2012

He's onto me

Axel is really fun to watch when he's involved in pretend play, but like many kids he stops the really fun stuff when he knows you're watching. So I've come up with a new tactic: Turn my computer to "sleep" and use the monitor as a mirror to watch what's going on behind me.

Tonight Axel was having fun with a bear. He had it sitting in a little chair and was feeding him just like I feed Asher. He was even trying to make the bear say "mmmm" before each bite. When the bear was done eating, he very carefully wiped off his face.

Dean and I were enjoying listening to Axel babble at the bear, but we couldn't see what he was signing to the bear so I did my monitor-as-mirror trick. It was very fun to watch.

Suddenly Axel moved the bear's chair so that he (Axel) was facing the dining room windows. He looked up at the window, found my reflexion. "Hi mom" he signed.

So much for the mirrors trick.


Amy L said...

I have a full length mirror in our livingroom for the boys. It still catches them off guard when I can see them doing something in the kitchen or if I'm in the kitchen and can catch them doing something in the livingroom. They always have this expression like, "how did she see that?" LOL!

Tamara said...

Love this - I would have loved to have seen your face when he signed "Hi, Mom!"