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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Who slept?

Last night was the night that would never end! UGH! I went to bed around 11:30. I must have fallen right to sleep like I usually do, because at 12:15 I was SHAKEN awake by Angela.

" wake up. It hurts mom." Poor kid was sobbing, with tears running down her cheeks. Unfortunately she's grown out of chewable Tylenol, and she wasn't able to manage swallowing the pills, though not for lack of trying! 

I convinced her to go back to bed, and that I'd get Tylenol in the morning. She laid in bed and moaned and cried, though a great bit of it was for the dramatic effect. I finally went into her room and told her no matter how loud she yells "Ow!!! It HURTS!" it will not make it stop hurting, but it WILL wake up everyone in the house. She needed to try to go back to sleep so that hopefully it would feel better in the morning.

Well, this morning she woke up in  no better shape, and her face is a little on the puffy side. Poor kid! She is miserable. She couldn't manage breakfast so I sent Ensure along with her for lunch, along with a tissue in her pocket to catch the drool.

I wish we knew an exact date that it will be coming off so we could be marking off days on the calendar. I'm pretty sure it will be off by her birthday (June 6th) so that's our goal right now.


Kimberly said...

Poor Angela. I had braces for 7 years - power chains, bands, the whole works - and I know how much it hurt. I will pray that the pain lessen soon.

Monica said...

Oh, I was feeling bad for her with your last post, now I'm really bummed!!! Hope it gets better for her soon!!

Googsmom said...

OUCH. Poor kid, I feel for her. I think the sun needs to come out b/c a ride would surely make her feel much better ;) XOXOXOXOX Angela {{{{HUGS}}}}}}

Michelle said...

Karly won't chew or swallow pills - she's 14 now; so the hospital taught me a trick: I give her a teaspoon of the INFANT Tylenol; because it's concentrated. I had a pharmacist double check the dosing; it's correct for her size.

I hope Angela's feeling better soon!