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Monday, April 13, 2009

Still photos

Here are some still photos Tony took of the Pirate room. I thought you might like to take a look without having to watch the video! LOL 

It's really hard to get a shot of the whole room at once! You have to stand in the closet in order to get this picture. LOL The room is "L" shaped, and her bed (which isn't in the room yet in this picture) is just past the desk, around the corner to the right. 

The mast is made with Cement Footing forms, which I glued together, and Tony painted to match all the rest of the wood in the room. If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can see the rope that I attached at the ceiling, then wrapped down the length of the mast, then around the base a couple of times. The rope is attached the the floor and ceiling, which keeps the mast secure, and very solid. The Captains desk is an antique desk that Dean has had sitting around here forever. The floor is NOT wood. It's sheet vinyl made to look like wood. Tony was able to match it perfectly after only seeing a picture of it online! Sheet Vinyl was used because I have to be able to move Angela's hospital bed around on it without wrecking the floor, and I needed a hard surface because of clean-up issues. 

There are also a couple of things hidden in the room. Things that you have to just sit back, take your time, and look around in order to find. It's fun! One of them is the letter "A" for Angela. Dean spent 20 minutes looking around the room! But this picture shows it off nicely. I love how Tony incorporated the "A" into the room!

The little monkey! I told Angela she has to come up with names for all the animals in the room. To the bottom right you can see the Jelly Fish in the port hole.

Every pirate must have a parrot! Well, and cannons too of course.

One of Angela's specific requests was a plank, which our friend the pelican keeps warm until Angela forces someone to walk it! LOL Also notice the fish in the bottom left port hole.

What would Angela's ship be without Captain Jack Sparrow to keep guard? When you're standing in the room you can see he has bling in all the places Jack Sparrow is supposed to have bling. For those of you who requested Jack to be painted in YOUR room...ummm....I have the feeling Tony doesn't do nudes! 
Have to have a treasure map, of course! This is a map of the main roads near our house. Included are very important landmarks in Angela's life. McDonald's, Swimming, her buddies Adam and Katie B, school, the lake across the road, and "X marks the spot!" for home! Also, in the bottom right of the picture you can just barely see the whale taking a peek into the ship as he swims by. In the background, you can see another porthole that has two sea horses swimming by.


datri said...

WOW! That is so AWESOME!!!

Kathie Brinkman said...

Absolutely Amazing! So when can my kids come over and play?

My name is Sarah said...

Wow that really is amazing. What a paint job.

Michelle said...

Awesome & Amazing!!! LOVE IT!