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Friday, April 03, 2009

More on Irina

Tonight Dean and I were talking about Irina, where she would sleep (in her own room, or with with Angela?) and some of the other logistics. She'll only be here 3 very short weeks, but we're both very excited!

Somewhere in the conversation Dean said, "You know, if this goes well,  I'll do it (hosting) over and over again, if it means we can help some kid who would otherwise have no future."

Several people have commented in such a way they're sure we're planning to adopt Irina. Dean said to "make SURE people understand we're not planning on adopting. She's just visiting! "


Christine said...

And I think it would be awesome if after the hosting he felt lke making perfectly clear that his heart had changed and now you guys were pursuing her adoption!

JennyH said...

That sounds so cool. I look forward to hearing (and seeing) all about it. Good luck with everything.