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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Nooner and Spank???

A couple days ago someone told me I have NOTHING on my blog about Nooner and Spank, other than a picture. So, let me remedy that situation!

Nooner is a 2002 Yamaha Vstar 1100. I bought him 18 months ago and have since put 13,000 miles on him, which is pretty good considering our short ride season here! Last year Nooner took me around Lake Superior on my Epic Journey (I mean all the way around, which is about 2500 miles.) Around Lake Michigan, (that was the "trip to nowhere", planned by Dean which I will never take again!) plus a lot of just riding around for no purpose other than to feel the wind through our hair or spokes! 
Here's a picture of Nooner and I, as we headed out on the Epic Journey in July '08. (I got new luggage for him this year! And a TomTom YAY!) He looks a little small in the picture, but that's just because of the angle. 

When I got Nooner, I knew that he couldn't always ride alone. That there were times Angela would want to go with me, and so Nooner would need a companion. So, along came Spank! Spank is a 1980-something California Companion Sidecar. I bought him from a guy in Ohio, and a total stranger (but really nice guy!) from the local sidecar club picked him up for me and trailered him home! Here's what the little guy looked like when he arrived.

There he sat on our front step for 8 months while I tried to figure out what to do with him! LOL Finally I scrounged up the money to make him pretty. Besides, he had to match Nooner! Then I scrounged up more money to have him mounted to Nooner, but I had to have him mounted in such a way that he could be disconnected if I wanted to ride on two wheels, and easily re-connected if I wanted to ride on 3. 

 Finally, in June '08, Nooner & Spank were together at last! 

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