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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Connected Society

First, I have to tell you that Dean has NEVER purchased a computer. Any computer he's used has been purchased by someone else. Even the one we own together I bought, and showed him how to get to Email and the internet. LOL 

Well, Dean is now one of the most well connected people I know!

Yesterday he bought his own MAC notebook (the same one we already have at home) but better than that, he got an aircard! So here we are, driving up Cedar avenenue, and Dean is doing what he loves to do more than golf...surfing Craigslist! ROFL

He sat there saying, "Look at me! Driving through south Minneapolis while surfing Craigslist! How cool is that???" 

I reminded him, a little sarcastically, that we were in SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS, near Minneapolis Children's Hospital, which is one of the worst neighborhoods in the state, and that sitting there with is laptop in plain view could cause him to suddenly loose his new precious toy.

He put his laptop away.

He got his new toys to increase productivity with work. He spends about an hour and half every day calling in orders to his office. But with his new laptop he can just email one document and be done! So, last night I showed him lots of things on his new toy work computer. Like how to log onto the hotel's wifi network when he's out of town, and how to work the video chat function, and a few other things, so now when he's out of town for work he can stay connected to everyone he wants to. 

We are both glad that now he has the same toy that Angela and I have, and we no longer have to share!


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Alyssa said...

That neighborhood is terrible..what is up with that? Two of the best hospitals end up there? Weird.

Oh but wtg Dean on the purchase of your new toy! :)