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Monday, April 06, 2009

Oh my!!!

Wow, this seems to be suddenly rolling very fast, except that it isn't because it's just information, and not anything more. LOL

So, with Irina having been adopted, Dean and I are still looking at hosting a child this summer. If we do the short hosting program, the cost is *only* (hear my sarcasm?) $3500. This fee is tax deductible, as it's considered a donation to the organization. It covers the fees to get the child's visa, passport, airfare, their guardian, translator, and all the other things involved in bringing a child all the way from Ukraine to the heart of Minnesota! Needless to say, I've spent the past 24 hours wracking my brain about how to raise that money!

And then Dean had to throw a wrench in it all. Today we were looking at the photo listings of children waiting to be matched with host families, and there, on one page staring back at us, was a set of 10 year old identical twin girls, M & D.  Have I mentioned that Dean is an identical twin? LOL Guess which kids he wants to host?

Unfortunately, this isn't a two-for situation. That means we'd need to raise DOUBLE the funds, in just a couple very short months. 

AND AND AND, we need to do a mini-homestudy as well. I have no idea how much this costs though. A couple hundred? A thousand? Maybe someone reading can give me an idea. Then there are background checks to pay for, etc. OH MY.....

So watch my blog, because I'll be doing some fundraising on here for sure!


abby said...

For your home study you may want to check with Catholic Charities. I think their fees are on a sliding scale. I know Children's Home Society will do it but they are pricey (I think our home study was somewhere in the $4000 range). You could also check with Summit Homes - I've heard their fees are pretty reasonable (and they have a quick turn-around).

Fundraiser - we had a rummage sale. We got friends to donate stuff to sell and didn't price any of it. We put up signs and advertised on Craig's List that is was a rummage sale to raise money for an adoption and we let people pay what they wanted. Most people gave us a donation of about $20-$30 no matter what they were buying and then several people would buy one big things (like a rug) and pay us $300. We made close to $2500 on just the rummage sale.

e-mail me if you want to chat about this more - we had lots of ideas.

Monica said...

Keeping this in our prayers!!! This is very exciting!! I'm so rooting for the twins!!!

JennyH said...

How exciting!