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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Today just needs to end. Is everyone in agreement?

Angela's behavior specialist was here, and let me just say her timing was perfect. I got to see how someone ELSE responds to her. Then we stood in the driveway, in the amazing spring sunshine, while I cried. 

As she was leaving the phone rang. Remember I'm trying to get back into school? Yeah, well I didn't get in, and I'm number f-i-f-t-y on the waiting list.

So, let today end already.

Edited to add: I probably don't need to tell you that Satan is playing a real game with me and the whole school thing right now. And today of all days, when I'm emotionally "low" is when I get this news? This just made me feel like crap about myself, in several different areas. I am trying to remember that all things happen for a reason, and His timing is everything. There are some things Dean and I have discussed doing that I can't do if I'm in school. We've also discussed opening our own business, and I can't do that while in school either. And then there are still other things that have been on my heart for some time, also impossible to follow through with while I'm in school. So, if you wouldn't mind joining me in prayer, Dean and I (well, me in particular, but we're a team here.) need some guidance about the months ahead!


Courtney said...

Oh, Leah, I am so sorry. These are the days that I like to call "Do Over!" like when we used to play kickball when we were kids!

Bubble bath? Cup of tea? Something a little stronger than tea?

Hope tomorrow's better!

Tamara said...

lots of prayers -

Matt Brinkman said...

Prayers going up, Leah.

datri said...

Leah,sorry you had such a bad day. When it rains it pours doesn't it? Sheesh. Prayers that the path will be made clear soon.

AddingOn said...

I'm sorry, but as you know even bad things happen for a reason, sounds like God is closing doors so that others will open to you. I hope tomorrow is better!

Alyssa said...

I'm so sorry you didn't make it into the program but don't feel bad..that is a TOUGH program. You never know how many people will drop and that waitlist may go fast.
Sorry you are having one of those days anytime if you want to vent. Hugs.