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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Product "pre-review".

Disclaimer: Please, if you read this blog with your kids, and they know Angela personally, this is one post they should not read, as I don't need it to get back to her! I've debated about posting this or not, as it does put Angela's privacy a bit at risk. But some problems moms and dads need help with! And, I know we are not the only ones having this problem. 

Some of you know Angela has a long history of UTI's, some of which get very bad. I'm also changing sheets a couple of times per night, which drives me batty! All of that goes back to the fact that she can go ALL DAY LONG without going to the bathroom. That means not only is everything backing up in her system, but when she's asleep at night her body takes that opportunity to unload! 

(Insert Calgon commercial here!)

Thanks to my friend Melanie, I found this awesome online store with great products for kids with problems like Angela. Our package arrived yesterday!

First, we purchased this watch. It's a special vibrating watch, and you can set up to 12 alarms in a 24 hour period. For Angela, the alarm tells her she needs to use the bathroom. Normally, if you tell  her to go she gets mad, says she doesn't need to, blah blah blah. But, if she has a way to be independent about something, with no PERSON telling her, then she's usually great! So, this watch does just that! Tells her to go, without embarrassing her in front of anyone. Today is her first day wearing the watch, and it's set to go off every 2 hours throughout the day. I'll let you know how it goes!

Next, we need to get her body tuned into her bladder during the night, so I purchased this product. I will tell you a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless to protect her child's privacy) used this with GREAT success. They hadn't had a dry night in TWELVE years, and have now been dry for a month! The theory behind it is that the alarm eventually teaches them to wake up to "that sensation" BEFORE the alarm goes off. The literature that comes with it (and there's a lot) says that on average it takes two months to retrain a child's brain to tune into their body. Angela could go two months without a problem, and then have months on end where I'm changing sheets twice per night. Last night was our first night to try out this product, and of course she didn't have any problems. LOL 

Now, it could be that with the watch system in place, our night time issues will resolve themselves. I guess time will tell, but we're using both systems anyway! I want this problem gone by the time she goes to camp in July!  


lovey said...

The families I used to work with had so many problems with this issue. I think neurological issues impair and/or confuse the kids also. Good luck on the new tools. I like the idea of Angela being independent -- sometimes it is the sense of being in control of the situation that makes the difference to the kid.

Shelley said...

First of all, I am SO glad that you post links like this for those of us that forget that the internet usually has a store for everything! This site looks like a great resource.
Now, on to my question/thought:
Right now, Grifyn is completely potty trained...even over night. But he will not go to the potty without being told. He knows where all the bathrooms are, can say & sign potty, can do the entire task independently after being told "go potty" and everything. But, he won't just go on his own!
I have no idea how to teach him this.
Oh, and one other thing. He also won't get off the potty when he's done! He sits there until someone tells him that he can get up. I have purposefully left him there and he just sits there however long until someone tells him to get up. I can yell from the other room, send one of the kids to tell him to get up, etc...but he won't get up until he hears someone tell him to get up.
So,that's our potty issues.

Kathie Brinkman said...

great review. keep us updated on if it really works well for angela.

Christine said...

You are not alone. I have older children in the same boat. I hear they outgrow it eventually....