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Thursday, April 09, 2009

SO done with THAT!

Well, today has been an interesting day. I went to the Y, and did my class (yay me.) then headed for home. On the way school called to let me know Angela had a seizure and was not sound asleep, (she ended up sleeping for about an hour) and what did I want them to do? GOOD QUESTION! LOL After giving me the details of the seizure we talked about her difficulty swallowing with the expander, and  her frustration at not being able to eat. Yesterday she said to me, "Mrs. S. said no cheeseburger for me." with a super sad face. .........sigh......poor kid!

I got off the phone and made two calls: one to the neurologist and the other to the orthodontist. The orthodontist and I decided it's time to get the palate expander off. It's possible we could try it again in a year. Who knows. For now we're just going to go straight to braces. Her cross bite (which is what the expander corrects) isn't THAT bad. We'll just see how it goes and make decisions along the way. I called school and had her teacher relay the message, "When she gets off the bus, we're headed to the orthodontist to take it off!" I could hear her cheering in the background. She's so excited to get to eat LUNCH at school next week. LOL

The neurologist said the seizure school described is "more typical" of complex partial seizures, and we'll probably see a few before her meds start having their full effect. But they DO want me to call whenever she has one so they can make note of it, their frequency, etc. She's EXTREMELY sleepy from the depakote, and tomorrow we up the dose! It'll take a couple of weeks for her body to adjust and then she should be back to normal. 

Tonight, we celebrate the expander removal! We don't want to say too much negative to her about it though, just in case we try it again in a year or so.


Beverly said...

I am happy it is coming off and that she will be so happy! Praying she is feeling better. I hate to even think about getting those for Noah, I may wait on this?

Monica said...

I am just catching up on your posts...I feel so bad for Angela!! Glad you and ortho. decided to take it off, especially with the other medical things going on. Hope this helps!!!