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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Prayers for Irina have been answered!

I received an email this morning stating that the orphanage director said Irina was recently adopted! I'm so glad that Irina has found her forever family!

And now the question is, do we go ahead and host another child? Dean and I are in 100% agreement. YES!!! We don't know who, but we'll go ahead an host. The bigger question would be "when" we'll host. There is the trip in August, and another over Christmas. We're waiting to hear from the hosting organization what all our options are, what children are coming when, and all those kinds of details.

I won't lie, I had a tear of disappointment in my eyes when I told Dean she'd been adopted. Such a mix of selfish disappointment and joy for Irina. But, God knows what child needs to come to Minnesota to find her forever family, doesn't he?

Edited to ad: We have just found out that weather or not Irina has actually been adopted is a little questionable. 


Shelley said...

It is wonderful that Irena was adopted!
And YES, God knows exactly who needs to come and spend time with your family. How exciting to see how all of this is going to work out!!!!

Monica said...

I hope she did!! Though I know you, had a special connection with her, I just don't think her and your story ends here. I have a feeling your paths will meet someday!! I'm glad you are still going to host a child.